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Project Management Training and Certification in Vermont

by Rod Dunne on November 15, 2011

In today’s super-saturated job market, employers are demanding extra from job candidates. A four year education simply isn’t enough anymore to guarantee gainful employment.

In order to demonstrate that they are serious, job applicants need to have attained specialized training that offers proven value for hiring companies.

One excellent option is project management training in Vermont. Not only do these courses improve the odds of getting hired, they put applicants into the running for competitive, well-paid management positions in many expanding sectors including IT, administration, banking, business, and medicine.

Kinds of Training Available

  • Degree level: Norwich University in Vermont provide an online MBA in project management
  • Certification: Multiple course providers available though you should look to the the Project Management Institute (PMI) for a list of certified course providers in Vermont.

Many people continue after receiving their bachelors degree and get a masters with a project management focus. Others take a faster track and seek out project manager certification training. These classes are intended to prepare students to take standardized certification exams like the CAPM and PMP.

These certificates are bonafide credentials that will draw the attention of any employer. While training is available as a continuous course, many people break it up into several small chunks that they can pursue as time allows. Still others use training courses as a way to re-cement management skills and stay competitive in their current job.

Regardless of your current employment and financial situation, there is bound to be project management training in vermont that can accommodate your needs. Night classes and short-run workshops are available in many areas, and online training makes it possible to study from anywhere.

Project/Portfolio Management Standard Curriculum

Although program guidelines are often specifically tailored for different real world applications, the basics behind project management training courses remain consistent. The skills that students will obtain include personnel management and data system analysis among other things. Let’s take a look at a standard curriculum so that professionals considering this important step will know what to expect.

Any good project managers professional training course will begin by orienting students to the concept of project and portfolio management. How did the concepts of this specialty develop? What are normal applications? What are the limitations of project and product management?

The key to this area of study is finding ways to evaluate and map assets and liabilities as accurately as possible. Any student of project management must be prepared to learn how to analyze available data and compare to project goals. Early in any course students will learn how to assess things like project scope and definition. Systems will be introduced for accurately estimating timelines, costs, and resource needs.

Students will also learn techniques for assessing risk and for evaluating human resources. Mapping, scheduling, adjusting for real time changes, and managing risk are all important functions of a manager, and a good course will instruct using real examples from a variety of different business models.

Team management and social skills are critical elements of any training

Understanding evaluational tools and how to use them is the bread and butter of project manager training, but it is only half the story. Good training will go on to discuss good personnel management practices, especially working with teams. A good manager has to be half data analyst, half motivational speaker. He or she will only be as effective as the other members of the team. Therefore, being a good leader who can energize team members and keep them focused is essential to success.

Finally, students will be best served by studying project/portfolio management as it applies to their specialty. IT project manager training, for example, will focus on the special challenges of managing teams in the technology sector.

Special complications in this area may include long distance or even multi-lingual collaborations as well as integrating new and untested technology. Construction project managers training will provide practical applications for those working in the building industries. A good manager must understand exactly what each member of the team is capable of and responsible for. This means studying a little bit about all team member roles in order to be prepared to make executive decisions.

Take the time to research the various opportunities for project and portfolio management training in Vermont and you will surely find a system that works for you. Taking a training course is one of the best ways to stay competitive and look more attractive to potential employers. Not only that, but being a project manager can be a satisfying and upwardly mobile career choice with serious economic benefits.

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