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Project Manager Training Options in Florida

by Rod Dunne on January 4, 2012

Project management is a fast growing profession that is gaining great demand in an array of industries.

It is possible to get project manager training in Florida in several institutions, and at various levels, from certificate to MBA in project management.

Here is some important information about training for project management in Florida.

Ideal Candidates For Project Management Training

Project management certification is suitable for individuals serving in the capacity of project or team managers, quality control analysts, portfolio managers, project team participants, or business system integrators, within an organization. In addition, it is also useful for persons interested in learning about project management to boost their career prospects.

At certificate level, which is the introduction of project management, the course takes 2 years.

However, if you are simply looking for additional courses to augment your project manager knowledge, these are available as 1 or 2 hour sessions or week-long training workshops.

Types Of Project Management Training Courses

In project management, you have the option of studying certificate, diploma or degree courses. Your choice will depend on your career needs and interests, as well as your qualifications. Do ensure that the course you choose is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the global association that administers all project manager certification programs.

Two types of project management professional training courses are available, which are computer based training (CBT) and project management overview.

  1. In the computer based training, you will encounter project management software such as Microsoft Project, as well as CompTIA certifications that heavily IT based.
  2. Project manager overview courses are ideal for individuals interested in the design phase of project management where you will learn about the best practices in the profession.

Project Management Certification Training Curriculum

Depending on the type of course you choose for project management certification & training in Florida, there are several core subjects learned for the course. Some of the core project manager courses include:

  • Effective management.
  • Monitoring and controlling projects.
  • Leading and influencing projects.

These may come under different names, but the course content is essentially the same. These core subjects are the basis of training and teach students about the general requirements of the project management profession.

There are also elective courses under the certificate program, which include project risk management, business process improvement training, project portfolio training, IT project manager training, and construction project management training. Electives are chosen to help you specialize in your preferred field in project management.

Where To Study Project Management In Florida

Many institutions offer project management as two-year certificate programs or short courses for company training. You can study at Project Management Institute certified institutions such as the LaSalle Computer Learning Center, or in the business schools of Florida universities such as the Florida International University, University of South Florida and the Florida State University.

Some of these institutions do provide project management courses that can be taught at your workplace, particularly short courses to teach basic IT skills for project management.

However, it is best to take classes at the learning institution because many of the project management courses are highly interactive and require the assistance of other certified project managers.

Benefits Of Studying Project Management

Apart from advancing your career prospects as a project manager, project management training in Florida offers you crucial skills that would improve your performance at work. These skills include optimizing project activities, setting accurate budgets, time management and even people skills to work with your project team mates. Get these and many other benefits by studying project management to grow your career today.

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